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The device of vacuum massage with RF lifting function

The device of vacuum massage with RF lifting function
  • The device of vacuum massage with RF lifting function
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Bio-Metropredlagayet's company to your attention the device of vacuum massage with RF lifting function. Vacuum massage is the directed impact on a body for achievement of cosmetic and therapeutic effect. It is perfectly combined with other types of massage (classical, anti-cellulite). The procedure promotes elimination of developments of stagnation, improves blood circulation, a lymphatic drainage, skin breath, promotes removal of toxins.

The device of vacuum-rf massage represents technology in the field of bystry and effective elimination of fatty deposits and removal of defects of skin. Operation of the device is based on set of two major factors: vacuum massage and radio lifting. Joint influence of all these making also is a basis of efficiency of the device. Results appear very quickly. By means of the device correction of a figure and the anti-aging program for the person becomes possible in the shortest terms and without wearisome exercises and diets!

After a course of vacuum massage the metabolism accelerates approximately by 4 times, and the achieved result remains for a long time.

Facial massage during the first sessions has to be soft and smooth, then intensity of influence gradually increases.


Vakuumny-rf massage concerns to hardware technicians. In a nozzle by means of the pump adjustable depression is created, rollers in addition "roll" and break a hypodermic and fatty layer. The procedure is carried out by means of the device with the heads of two standard sizes working in the mode of the pulsing or constant vacuum. The direction of the movement is defined according to the universal schemes applied in vacuum therapy. The standard size of a head and size of vacuum are defined depending on features of the client and indications. This of a type of vacuum massage is appointed for reduction of symptoms of cellulitis, removal of surplus of fat, elimination of puffiness, zone modeling of a figure and pulling up of skin.

General characteristics of the device:

Input power

Current: 100-120, 50/60 Hz 220-240, 50/60 Hz

Max power consumption is 200 W

Output parameters:

Frequency of RCh is 1.0 MHz, max of 200 W

Type of radiation

Red indicator (630 nanometers)

Blue indicator (430 nanometers)

Max vacuum of 700 mm hg.

Vacuum impulse long / slow / normal / bystry mode

Time of influence of 15 min. (small and average nozzles), 25 min. (big nozzle)

How the device works?

The principle of action of vacuum massage is based on properties of vacuum. From the scientific point of view it represents Wednesday in which pressure of air is much lower than atmospheric. The depression which is artificially created by means of equipment rooms the technician or usual cans makes the zoned impact on a concrete part of the body. In the normal state the external pressure and pressure in cages counterbalance each other. At decrease in external pressure in the conditions of vacuum the increased intracellular pressure leads to a rupture of a fatty cage from within (analogy to the pumped-over balloon). The vacuum which is formed inside stimulates rush of blood and strengthens a lymph flow, thereby urging on local metabolism and forcing cages to work.


Information is up-to-date: 29.08.2018

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